What is body confidence?

Why body confidence, and not body positivity?

In a world where hashtag bopo and the body positivity movement seems to have flooded our social media feeds, many people have been feeling left by the wayside because of how farfetched and unattainable the idea seems to feel "positive" about their appearance. This is why I adopted an ethos of body confidence, because - and I liken this to how courage isn't an absence of fear, it's taking action anyway despite feeling scared - it doesn't require you to feel positive about the way you look for you to show up and take up space.

You can be neutral or "OK" about your body, and with body confidence you still get out there anyway and say yes to doing things and being in places that light you up (rather than a lack of body confidence where the way you feel about your body is why you say no to life).

I have uploaded an episode for you from my podcast, Body Confidence Redefined, where I talk all ab out what body confidence, what it isn't, why it matters, and how to start getting it!

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